About Us

Established in 2006, S M Products Inc. is a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, eco-friendly home textile products. Since the beginning, we have never looked back or stopped experimenting on new things to become the master of our craft. This is the reason our commitment to the quality of our products and incomparable customer care has kept our community coming back. We believe in continually improving to serve our customers with the best.


As we mainly deal with bulk home textile and institutional products, we understand that our consumers don’t just buy a product; rather, they invest in an experience that guarantees lasting comfort and luxury. Our team at S M Products Inc. prioritizes quality, as quality earns a customer’s trust and leads to better buyer-seller relationships. Besides, we care about your budget, as it is the most critical factor when you go on a quest to find the most suitable product. This is why we ensure you get the best quality at the most affordable rates. We not only sell products but convey the unique value each product and service hold but also what you need in your surroundings to stay comfortable and happy. We have constructed a broad clientele from different industries and global markets, mainly including the hospitality industry, cleaning firms, salons, athletic departments, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more.


We stepped into the industry with the hope to manufacture and deliver value-added products in bulk to different parts of the world that fit every budget. And since then, we have worked hard to transform that vision into reality. Every day is a quest to set new goals and achieve them with all our capacity and capability.


We believe in balance; since happiness comes from consistency and acceptance, it results in harmony. At S M Products Inc., the management and workforce move forward with mutual understanding to create a happy and balanced environment so we can work in a natural flow to provide our customers with unparalleled quality. While our vision is easily describable, we have a lot going on when it comes to our mission. S M Products Inc. moves forward with a mission to protect the environment by generating eco-friendly products and helping the community to be a friendly place.


Since making money is crucial for survival, we intend to make the world a better place. On every pound of goods we sell, $0.01 goes to charity. Literacy is not a crime and making a living is harder than anyone can imagine. So, the money you spend on buying our products goes to free education to unfortunate children, helping the sick to get well, a monthly stipend to older adults to allow them to enhance their quality of life. So, join hands with us to invest in making this world a better place for those who need it.


S M Products Inc. has a solid aim to manufacture and supply high-quality eco-friendly products to protect the earth from getting destroyed by all things artificial, so all of us can have a beautiful place to live.


Since we prioritize quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we work hard to sustain stability among all our stakeholders. The best way to thrive in the industry is to create a balance between our buyers and our workforce, which works hard to provide our customers with the best quality, whether products, services, performance, or process, to make sure everyone is happy. The S M Products Inc. family stays focused on their path to ensure the highest moral and ethical compliance as we remain conscious of our goals.